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There is no particular reason to have this portrait of Mr. Whiskers on every page except for the fact that it is awesome. Mr. Whiskers looks so innocent, like just waking up from a regal nap, or getting ready to be pet by the shareholders. The modesty that Mr. Whiskers has with his tiny crown is but one of the humbling reasons this is the perfect portrait for the World Domination MEOW Token.

Pursuit of worldly recognition has not been on Mr. Whiskers’ radar. Mr. Whiskers has but simple tenets when breaking down the goals of his empire. Compu ™- because we internets. Global ™– because we are everywhere on Earth. Hyper™ – because we move so fast (swooshing sound). Mega™ – because we Big only has one syllable. Corp™ because not only will crush you individually, but the company will crush you too. Prepare to be wowed, shocked, impressed, witness the awesome power of those aforementioned words put together with angels singing in the background.

Mr. Whiskers after stuffing his face with ethically sourced mice. Mr. Whiskers is very strict when it comes to his diet. Aside from only eating mouse fois gras that has been ethically stuffed with grain. He enjoys fresh milked cow using only virgin males not by milking robots. Mr. Whiskers discovered the association between the taste of the milk and the robotic milking detectable pattern. Which Mr. Whiskers has dubbed the Arrakis Sandworm milk spoliation phenomenon.

Utmost to COMPU™GLOBAL™HYPER™MEGA™CORP™ is the vision to have every man, woman, child, non-profit, corporation, and small business have a balance of World Domination MEOW Token in their cryptocurrency wallet.

Righteous are the meek and those that work hard to change the world. Oversight with the sheer volume of medical, economical, computer science related breakthroughs by Mr. Whiskers is common with the layman. However, through the disclosures of the World Domination MEOW Ecosystem, more will be revealed to be the handiwork of our leader.

Revolutions have started with the slightest MEOWs and PURRs. There are reasons why the most memorable leaders, some with the world at their fingertips, have had cats by their sides, or front and center depending on your angle. Don’t believe this, just to name a few, such leaders include Gargamel and Azrael, Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth, Lady Tremaine and Lucifer, Doctor Claw and MAD Cat, Cruella De Vil and Sergeant Tibbs, The Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat, Angelica and Fluffy, Dolores Umbridge and her Persian Patronus, Filch and Mrs. Norris, Roger Klotz and Stinky, Aunt Sarah, Si and Am, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Oliver, and Vito Corleone and Cannoli. Is it so hard to believe that the cute kitties cats were really in charge? Thousands of years ago, kitty cats ruled Egypt. Or did you also think Pharaohs were in charge, and that the hieroglyphics said something else? Does Mr. Whiskers not look like the sort of cat who wears the pants in any relationship?

Reasons for coming out now are many, but reveals are best in bitesized manageable chucks, first let us be satisfied with Mr. Whiskers and his formation of his visionary and groundbreaking company. Separately his company’s words denote awesome in everything including the power of commerce, math, computing, international at breakneck speeds, together they mean domination of a monopolistic unsheathed overlording that has rarely been seen on Earth. Not since the times of Rome. Believe us, this is good. What is our product you ask? Everything. Are you breathing Compu™Global™Hyper™Mega™Corp™ ‘s patented air? Yes, you are. You are welcome. Are you interested in participating in World Domination? The question is do you want to dominate or be dominated? For now, this is not a sexual question.