Mr. Whiskers Issues World Domination Token MEOW

Mr. Whiskers issued one billion (paw to lips moment) tokens under the World Domination Token name and symbol MEOW. Within the first few days, several meow-llionaires have bee minted based on loyalty, cuddling and amazing contributions. The below artwork has been distributed to the various exchanges and are made available for all to download and show their support.

Mr Whiskers Token Graphic 28x28
The 28x28px PNG
The 256x256px PNG
The 1024×256 Mr. Whiskers banner for use on social media.
A larger banner for use on social media on August 8th, International Cat Day.

Everyone is awesome! At this time, we are making strategic decisions regarding the crowdfunding contract and the economics therein. Stay tuned!

Open your cryptowallets and add the World Domination MEOW Token today. Show your support for MEOWs by updating your profile picture and banners to the above graphics on social media.

Wave goodbye to boring vector based blockchain-y looking token symbols and say MEOW to Mr. Whiskers portrait. Have you ever seen a more regal cat? No you haven’t. You are so welcome!

If you are unable to find the token by default, just add a custom token by using the following: 0x4ed4ddd7981e347b673f697dc821965a3eb64b9c

Mr. Whiskers Proof of Meow Whitepaper Published

Proof of MEOW™ on Github. You are welcome.

Unknown to authors Lamport, Shostak, and Pease at the time of their 1982 paper The Byzantine Generals Problem described a mechanism of consensus using Byzantine (330 – 1453 AD) generals deciding on a plan on attack with unreliable messengers and possible bad actor generals. However, the consensus problem originally identified and partially resolved by the Egyptians between (4000 BC – 30 AD), specifically, dubbed the Egyptian Pharaohs Problem. It is well known that cat were esteemed in the Egyptian culture, and less, known, they were in fact, deities which ruled.

You are welcome. The seminal work from Mr. Whiskers regarding Proof of Meow®

Universally hailed as “Brilliant” and the “Cat’s Pajamas” Mr. Whiskers Proof of MEOW™ simplifies what has exploded in complexity. Validators, Fisherman, Elections, Nominations, Consensus, Bad Actors, reduced to simple Meow, Hiss, Purr, and shocking logically provable outcomes such as the Hiss, hiss, purr bad kitty solution and the Purr, hiss, meow, solution.

Responsible to remind the Computer Science field of the true provenance of the consensus problem, Mr. Whiskers not only illuminates the overlooked complexities of the Egyptian Pharaohs Problem, but provides a consensus solution applicable to computer science, economics, governance, and the untrusted peer to peer world at large through his Proof of MEOW™. It would not be a stretch to be believe that Mr. Whiskers deserves the Noble Prize for Peace.

Radically new consensus for the plebes. There is little wonder why the Egyptians worshipped cats. This seminal work exemplifies COMPU™GLOBAL™HYPER™MEGA™CORP™ ‘s vision to launch Mr. Whiskers World Domination Toolkit Ecosystems and the underlying token, symbol CAT. Mr. Whisker is one pounce closer to fulfilling this vision.

Record breaking downloads and interest from edu accounts everywhere.