Illustrator Natasha Pankina is purrfect!

Purrfectly handcrafted illustrations.

It is no secret that Mrs. Whiskers wears the pants in the relationship. Beyond having full control of Mr. Whiskers who in turn controls the world, the power behind the paw is truly Mrs. Whiskers. Mrs. Whisker’s favorite illustrator is Natasha Pankina. Click here. Click here. And click here. They take you to the same place, but each time you are super happy. So since Mrs. Whiskers loves Natasha, this means we all love her. What is not to love? She illustrates the world, purrfectly.

Mr. Whisker’s Online Store Exclusive “Marko Bear”

Yesterday, international designer and illustrator Natasha Pankina’s “Marko Bear” was taken down from RedBubble. Apparently, Ralph Lauren claimed copyright infringement.


Ralph Lauren’s “Polo Bear” was created in 1991. See history.


Clearly anyone with eyes can see that “Polo bear” is both uglier and and lack any creative effort. Fact is, “Marko bear” is a completely different creative work which bears no similarity to “Polo bear” aside from its a bear with clothes. Customers of the above over priced sweater are likely purchasing the red “RL” in the bottom right hand corner.

Just one of many examples of a bear in “clothing” prior to 1991 is Yogi Bear (and all his friends) from 1958.


Extensive list of other fictional bears, likely in clothing, can be found here.

Marko bear clothing relaunched!